Meetings Guide

We have a variety of meeting locations at New World Stages that can be selected when using the Swapcard app. You’ll find information on the main locations, time slots and meeting etiquette below to ensure everyone gets the most from the show.


You can quickly arrange and keep a track of all your meetings on the event app.

  1. Simply go to the Attendee tab, here you can search and find people to connect with. You can chat, have video calls, and book meetings.
  2. Once you access a person’s profile you will see available time slots. Click on one of the suggested meeting slots. For more slots click “see more slots”.
  3. After selecting a slot and choosing a location for the meeting, write a note to the person you would like to meet. Once done, click “Send meeting request”

Then keep an eye on your notifications to find out if the person accepted your meeting. (You may need to update your settings in the app)
If you no longer need a meeting, please cancel it so the space can be released.


To make it easier for attendees to find each other at a busy show, we have separated the event into zones.

  • Exhibition Floor
  • The Mezzanine

Within these locations, you can book a meeting for up to 20 minutes. The meetings are designed to fit between content on the stages so you can plan your day accordingly.

The Mezzanine has both private bookable meeting space and ad hoc meeting space. The private meeting tables are numbered to help you find them at the event – please note, some tables are reserved for sponsors. To book the ad hoc meeting space please select the Meeting Zone. These are general, open areas which you can choose for your meeting, they will work as a designated meeting point for you and your connection, so you can easily find each other.

All of our sponsor and exhibitor stands are also bookable meeting locations – Each location will be labeled by its sponsor and easy to find.


We are working hard to make sure that everybody has a great experience at IMS NYC, but we also need your help to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Here are some key points and rules to follow:

Check your app notifications and meeting requests – everybody is trying to make the most out of the event, let’s respect each other’s time and try to either accept or decline meeting requests as quickly as possible.

Show up! – Nobody wants to be stood up, try your best to show up to your accepted meetings and if you no longer can attend, please make sure to cancel it on the app to inform the other party and release the meeting location for others to use.

Arrive and leave on time – schedules are busy, so it’s crucial that both parties arrive at the meeting location on time. It’s especially important if you book a meeting at an exhibitor table, as you may have to leave it after your allocated time, ready for the next meeting. Please make sure to leave the space behind you clean and tidy.



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