“The quality of content and meetings at IMS is top tier. This is a must attend conference for anyone in the Influencer industry.”
Jonathan Claydon
Chief Product Officer
“Making new connections was effortless. ROI at IMS is unparalleled and we can't wait for the next one!”
Dominic Ivison
“The Influencer Marketing Show is a must-attend event for anyone working in the creator and influencer marketing industry.”
Abi Jacks
VP International Marketing
“The IMS is the pinnacle of excellence in influencer marketing - an absolute must-attend if you work in the field.”
Rahul Titus
Global Head of Influence
“The Influencer Marketing Show is a premiere event that's incredibly rich in industry knowledge, creator economy trends, and diverse peer perspective. I would highly recommend this for any professionals in the space!”
Raji Behniwal
Director of Marketing
“We were thrilled because it was our first Influencer Marketing Show in New York. We met so many engaged and passionate people from the industry. Talking about the content creator scene and exchanging insights was a blast.”
Michael Elschenbroich
“IMS is the place to be if you work in the influencer marketing or creator economy industry. You will learn from the most recognizable experts and you will meet the most important brands and solutions in the market.”
Daniel Sánchez
Co-founder & CEO


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