In a time of uncertainty we, at PerformanceIN, are searching for clarity and using this time to update our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.

Over the last few years, PerformanceIN has been working to improve the diversity and inclusivity at our events, PI LIVE & the Influencer Marketing Show. We are proud to be a founding partner of the Digital Disruptors initiative which aims to ‘encourage young people to investigate digital and empower them to think about the opportunities it brings to our everyday lives’. In addition to this we have been working with Turn the Talk, which aims to bring alternative voices to the agendas of Performance Marketing events.

We know that there will always be more that we can do to improve this element of our events. We feel that we have an opportunity to move the industry forward, as mentioned in the 2020 Awin report, ‘Industry conferences have also become a rich source of professional education and advancement’. We have a responsibility to be encouraging a diverse and original group of speakers to join our event, and continue to strive to create an inclusive environment for all. 

Included in the changes that we will be making, is the new workshop that we will be offering to speakers. We hope that this will encourage all, even those less confident, to put themselves forward for speaking positions. 

To read the full list of what we will be doing, please refer to our Diversity and Inclusion Policy

We are looking forward to bringing two shows together towards the end of the year with this new policy in place, and we will be opening speaker submissions for our UK based shows on the 21st April. 


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