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Sponsor Policy

PerformanceIN provides opportunities for our partners to get in front of the world’s leading and up-and-coming brands and retailers, publishers, agencies, networks, SaaS and technology companies to build mutually beneficial partnerships.

In order to do this effectively we ask that all partners abide by the following policy.


Outboarding is the creation of a concurrent event that is related to an existing exhibition or event but that is not sanctioned by the organizer and which seeks to benefit from the audience the organizer attracts.

Outboarding can also take place when a third party pays for a sponsorship at one level and hosts unofficial events for attendees. 

Whilst we don’t necessarily discourage peripheral events around the conference, they must not clash with official networking events and we therefore ask for approval from the organizer before planning.

We ask that you do not take part in this practice and decline invitations that conflict with official show activities and programming, and that you report violations to the PerformanceIN team.


Suitcasing is where a non-exhibiting seller/attendee engages a visitor in a marketing/selling activity at a place not sanctioned by the rules of the exhibition such as the aisles or off the show floor.

PerformanceIN will respond to all complaints regarding suitcasing. Any attendee who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, or in another company’s booth, will be asked to leave immediately.

These are a few examples of outboarding or suitcasing:

  • A non-sponsor hosting a party on or off site for attendees
  • A non-sponsor using the conference hashtag to give away merchandise

Anyone found to be taking part in these activities will be removed from the event and all future speaking engagements or sponsorship opportunities will be revoked.

Thank you to all our partners for your support.


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